H & J Rules, Route and Layout

Because this is a printed game, pieces rather than pegs will be needed to play the game. If you can’t find objects to used as pieces and dice such as coins, then you can print the ones provided in this pdf.

The rules below are suggested rules of play. The game is for two players. Five dogs are given to one and five jackals to the other. You will need three pieces of money to use as dice or use the  printable Spinner Dice in this pdf. I have made it four sided with no number 4 but a 5 instead. The goal is to reach the five points (25 to 29) on your side of the board and win the game.

For the moves the conventions are:

one head = one

two heads = two

three heads = three

three tails = five and a free move

1. Both players agree on a stake. (Optional.)

2. The right side of the board belongs to the dogs and the left to the jackals.

3. The circle above the palm tree, top centre, is the starting point. The pawns move on their side of the game board trying to reach the top of the tree (25 to 29).

4. Exact throws are required to reach the final positions. The order in which it is done has no importance.

5. The two players throw the three coins in turn. A five is required to introduce a new pawn on the starting point. Then the coins are thrown again to move the piece.

6. If you land on hole 5 with horizontal mark, you may introduce another piece.

(This is an added little rule.)

7. The first pawn to reach hole 15 with the horizontal mark wins the stake.

( Or add another piece. Seams logical if you need a 5 to enter a piece.)

8. Only one piece may be put on a hole. If no move is possible the throw is lost

for this player.

9. If a piece reaches a hole linked to an other hole by a path (10-24, 20-22), it follows the line to the connecting hole. The pieces go both ways along the paths. If you land on hole 10, you go to hole 24 and vice versa.

9. A player must move his pawns when he can do so. If he can move no pawns, his or her opponent is allowed to add his throw to his or her own .

Oval H&J Route
Hounds and Jackals Route
Oval H&J Route Alternative
Alternativce H&J route