This page is just for pdf’s of the game boards and piece. This removes the limit of the standard print size permitting one to have a larger print done from a print shop. The pdf images are of high quality and can be dragged into any documant or print program just like a jpeg or png file.

Agon board

Agon counters

Alquerque Board Square

Alquerque Counters

Asalto Board

Asolto Counters

Ashtapada Board Square

Ashtapada Counters

Ashtapada Dice Sticks

Backgammon Square 

Backgammon Rectangular

Backgammon Egyptian Rectangular

Egyptian Backgammon Embossed

Backgammon Counters red blue

Backgammon Counters yellow orange

Checkers Board

 Checkers Counters

Chess Board 8×8

Chess Board 9×8

Chess Board 10×8

Chess Board Hexagonal

Chess Pieces Fill Letters

Chess Pieces Clear Letters

Chess Pieces Embossed Figures

DuoDecim Scripta Square

DuoDecim Scripta Rectangular

Duodecim Counters

Fox and Geese Board

Fox and Geese Counters

Go Board 9×9

Go 9×9 Frame

Hounds and Jackals Square

Hounds and Jackals Rectangular

Hounds & Jackals Shield Rectangular

Hounds and Jackals Counters

Kerala Game Board

Kerala Game Dice

Kerala Game Pieces

Liubo Board

Mancala Wood Effect Square

Mancala Wood Effect Rectangular

Mehen Snake Game Board

Mehen Scarab Counters

Mehen Lion Counters

Mu Torere Board

Mu Torere Pieces

Nine Men’s Morris with diagonal Rectangular

Nine Men’s Morris No Diagonal  Rectangular

Nine Men’s Morris Counters

Nyout Board pdf

Nyout Counters

Nyout Dice

Nyout board with Yutnori replacing the word  Nyout

Pachisis (Ludo) Square

Pachisis (Ludo) Counters

Mini Pachisi (Ludo) Rectangular

Mini Pachisi (Ludo) Counters

Patolli Board Square

Patolli X Track

Patolli Counters

Patolli Disk Dice

Patolli Casting Sticks

Pente Grammai Board

Pente Grammai Minotour Counter

Pente Grammai Medusa Counter

Puluc Board Square

Puluc Game Board Rectangular

Puluc extra graphics Rectangular

Puluc Casting Sticks

Senet Board Square

Senet Rectangular

Senet Colourful Board Rectangular

Senet Counters

Senet Dice Sticks

Senet-Ur Board Square

Senet-Ur Rectangular

Colourful Senet-Ur Board Rectangular

Senet-Ur Counters

Snakes and Ladders Square

Snakes and Ladders Rectangular

Snakes and Ladders Counters

Surakarta Board Square

Surakarta Counters

Tablan Board

Tablan Counters

Tablan Dice Sticks

Tablut/Hnefatafl 9×9 board pdf

Tablut/Hnefatafl 11×11

Tablu/Hnefatafle counter embossed enemy owel

Tablut/Hnefatafle counter embossed king’s eagl

Tablut/Hnefatafle counter embossed king

Tabula Board Square

Tabula Rectangular

Tabula Counters

Tabula Board Marble Effect

Tabula Counters 3D

Thaayam Board Square

Thaayam Counters

The Jungle Game Board

The Jungke Game Counters

The Royal Game Of Ur Square

The Royal Game of Ur Main Board Rectangular

The Game of Ur Embossed

The Royal Game of Ur Modern  Rectangular

The Royal Game Of Ur X Rectangular

The Royal Game Of Ur Counters 1

The Royal Game Of Ur Counters 2

The Advanced Game X-Ur Board

The Advanced Game X-Ur Playing Pieces

Tigers and Goats Board Square

Tigers and Goats Counters

Multi Game Board Square

Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess ) board

Xiang Qi Pieces

Zohn Ahl Board Square

Zohn Ahl Counters

Zohn Ahal Dice Sticks


Zohn Ahl Spin Dice

Square Spin Dice 1-4

Square Spin Dice 2-5

Square Spin Dice 1,2,3,5

Pentagon Spin Dice 0-4

Pentagon Spin Dice 1-4+10

Pentagon Spin Dice 1-5

Hexagon Spin Dice 1-6

Hexagon Spin Dice 0-5










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