Senet-Ur Rules, Route and Layout

Basic Rules Of The Game

1. As a race game the objective of Senet-Ur is to be the one to bear off all your pieces first.

2. It is also a game of contact by which a player strives to land on their opponent’s counter and knock that piece off so that the removed piece must start again.

Game of Ur Rosette with Outline3. A player’s piece on a square with a Rosette is a safe square that prevents an opponent from landing on the occupied square and knocking the counter off the board.  A player’s piece landing on an unoccupied square with a Rosette  permits the player an extra roll of the dice.

5. Use the 1-5 spinner dice or use a six sided dice whereby a roll of 6 means you must miss that turn.

House of Beauty6. A player’s piece must first land on the House Of Happiness square before that piece can begin to bear off.  While on the House Of Happiness, if a 5 is rolled, that piece can bear off in one move.

7. If any of the last three squares are landed on then an exact number must be rolled before that piece can bear off the board. Pieces on these three squares do not have to move backwards when a forward move cannot be made. If a move cannot be made, then miss that turn.


House of 3House of 2House of 1

House of Water9. If the House Of Water square is landed on, then that piece must be removed and placed on the House Of Rebirth square at the beginning of the game to start again.Ankh

10. All moves must be made if possible.

11. If a move cannot be made forwards then the backwards rule from Senet must be applied whereby a piece must move back the number of spaces indicated by the roll of the dice.

12. If a backwards moving piece lands on an opponent’s piece, the opponent’s piece changes places with your piece and moves forwards. If a reversing piece lands on a safe square it is not permitted another roll as with a forward moving piece landing on a safe square, yet it does remain a safe square.

13. Pieces on either of the last three squares remain there if a forward move cannot be made, one must forgo that turn.

Senet-Ur Route
Senet-Ur Route