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The ancient Sumerian, Royal Game Of Ur (also known as 20 Squares) and the Ancient Egyptian game of Senet, both date back to around 3000BC and both were played for around 3000 years.

Ancient Egyptian game box incorporating The Royal Game Of Ur (20 squares top) and Senet (bottom).


Because I like to play both games, I  decided to put the two together with two-thirds of the game being the board of the royal game of Ur and the last third incorporating the six symbol squares of Senet, square 15 and squares 26 to 30. Square 15 of Senet, the house of rebirth, I have joined to the start of the game as this is usually the square a player’s piece must restart from when it lands on the house of water, square 27. Different Senet boards use different symbols but the underlying principle of each square usually means the same thing for all Senet boards. It is the same for the safe squares on the royal game of Ur board.

Senet-Ur Rules, Route and Layout









4 thoughts on “Senet-Ur

  1. You only swap with an opponent when you have to move backwards because you can’t move the piece forewords. Usual the last piece you have on the board. If there are more of yr piece still on the board you would move one of them if another piece can’t be moved. But when yr down to yr last piece and you can’t move forwards but you have to move the piece then it’s backwards. If you land on an opponents piece, you swap and they get to move forwards to the place you left. That’s from Senet.


  2. Other than that, you knock yr opponent off when you land on them as in the game of Ur.
    As you know the risers are safe squares and allow another roll.


  3. Trying to get yr last piece on the House of Beauty so you can start to bear of gets frustration plus if you then get a one you land on the House of Water and have to go back to the House of Rebirth. Which is the start. It’s like snakes and ladders really. I suppose this things slowly morphed into games like s&l and Pachis etc.


  4. One last note. Even when you both down to yr last piece the foreword moving piece land on opponent knock it off. Only when it as to move backwards do it change places.
    I will shut up now. 😔


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