Zohn Ahl Rules, Route and Layout

1. The game is played by two players, or two teams. Each team has four counters to keep score, and a piece that is used to move around the board.

2. The board is usually a circle of forty spaces. This board is a square formation with 28 spaces. This is due to the size of A4 paper limiting space. The spaces at the north and south are called “the creek”, or ‘the torrent’ in R C Bell’s Boards and Table Games from many Civilisations. It represents a torrent river running from top to bottom. The east and west are called the “dry branches”, or dry gully representing a dry river bed.

3. For the printable dice sticks incorporated with this pdf, there are four casting sticks to control movement, each being marked with a lined pattern on one side and blank on the other with the exception of one. Three of the sticks have a dark lined pattern and the fourth a lighter lined pattern. The back of the stick with the lighter lined pattern has a symbol. (Traditional grooved dice sticks for this game had three red and one blue marked stick. The unmarked sides were usually rounded with the blue marked stick having a star on the back.)

4. The two pieces start at the “south” creek. They move around the board in laps, one team’s piece moving clockwise, the other anti-clockwise.

5. Alternating between the teams, each player will throw the casting sticks to see how far her team’s piece will move. The scores are:

  1. for one lined pattern stick showing, the piece will move one space, and if it is the lighter lined pattern stick showing, another throw is granted;
  2. for two lined pattern sticks showing, the piece will move two spaces;
  3. for three lined pattern sticks showing, the piece will move three spaces, and if one of those lined pattern sticks is on the lighter colour stick, another throw is granted;
  4. if four lined pattern sticks are showing, the piece moves six spaces and another throw is granted;
  5. if no lined pattern sticks are showing, the piece moves ten spaces and another throw is granted.

6. If a piece lands in the north torrent space, it must return down the torrent river to the south to the start and begin its lap again, and its team must pay a counter to the opponents.

7. If a piece lands in either of the dry gullies, then the team loses a throw. (Alternatively, you can make the game a little more interesting by having the piece cross the gully to the other side. Choose before the start of the game.)

8. If a piece lands on the opponent’s piece, the opponent is captured and sent back to the start, and the opponent pays the capturer’s team one counter.

9. The first piece to land on, or pass, the start, wins the lap and receives a counter from the opponents. The next lap is then deemed to have begun and the game continues.

10. If one team holds all the counters, they win the game. If the game is stopped for any other reason like lack of time, then the winners are the team with the most counters.

Zohn Ahl route 150
Zohn Ahl Route